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The Newplex is a thriving new-media startup which has been attracting thousands of unique visitors each month since our launch in January 2017.

Our key demographic – young men and women aged  16-25 – come to The Newplex for content covering a variety of interests, with the most popular being professional wrestling, movies, health & fitness, and personal blogs.

We range from industry insiders, to passionate hobbyists, and devout fans (and usually any mix thereof). To find out more about individual Newplex members and their interests and credentials, please visit their author page via one of their posts.

The Newplex is the perfect place for small to medium sized brands and businesses to communicate their message, showcase their products or services, and increase their outreach to a highly sought after audience.

We’re always excited to work with like-minded brands – who put creativity and customer satisfaction at the fore – so please do get in touch to explore collaboration opportunities.

Some things we could do for you:


If you have a product or service you’re proud of, you may wish to provide a sample to The Newplex for a review. Our team have a diverse range of interests and areas of expertise, and we will always place the best Newplex member (or members) with your brand or product for a full, fair, honest review.


Whereas as a review’s intent is to critique or analyse a product, a sponsored feature aims to shed light light on your brand, product, or service – and explore what it offers and how that would be of interest to our audience. This is a great way to highlight the achievements and merits of your brand while bringing attention to ways in which fans can interact and engage with you.


The Newplex is building a brand based on integrity, and aims to be a home for credible voices that our audience can trust. One way we achieve this is by partnering with the right brands who also value the people who support them. Partnerships can take many forms, from collaborative projects, endorsements, sponsorships, and more. If you feel like our brands could partner up, then please do get in touch.

At the moment, we’re keen to add to our roster of associated professional wrestling promotions, pro wrestling clothing/sports brands, pro wrestling publications/media, and film/pop culture brands. Though we’re keen to hear from anyone!

We can:

  • Create interesting, engaging copy for use on The Newplex or elsewhere
  • Write sponsored posts
  • Review products and services
  • Attend events
  • Connect brands with Newplex members as brand ambassadors
  • And more!

Email the editor to discuss any opportunities further