Playlist: Best tracks of 2017

Playlist: Best tracks of 2017

Kenny Sun

| 31st December 2017 |

> In a year packed with great songs, which made it onto my best of 2017 playlist?

2018 has been a great year when it comes to music. The shear number of great albums that came out is staggering and well, I couldn’t make a list. I wanted to, but it would have been too damn long. so, I did the next best thing. I made a playlist.

I have put together 35 songs that I loved this year and I think show the wide range of amazing music that we were lucky enough to get in 2017.

One thing though, Jay-Z isn’t on Spotify. 4:44 is a FANTASTIC album and would have been all over this playlist. Don’t think I slipped. And yes, I like Macklemore. Get over it. So, turn this up and let’s get ready for the wonders that 2018 has waiting for us.