Fresh Music Friday! #10

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Charles W-W
The Struggle Playlist

Published 20th October 2017

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Winter is coming into full effect now, especially where I live here in the UK, which means things are getting more grey and cold. This also means that there will be times where you’ll be caught in the worst of the weather, battling a life threatening cold and struggling to put on your 5th pair of socks for your commute to work! So, for your music choice on your commute you can sympathise with the artists in my Struggle Playlist.

I’ve included skits from Kanye West’s Late Registration where a fraternity is formed by men that have one thing in common, the college/uni struggle! I have bands like The Temptations and Rage Against the Machine that sing about the struggle of war and politics. There’s Kenny Loggins to sing about the struggle of loving someone, and the Django Unchained theme song to show the struggle of what Django had to go through to save the one he loves. Then hip-hop being my primary interest, I’ve got artists from The Game to Jay Z to Vince Staples to rap about the everyday struggle of the black man in the impoverished communities.

We all go through different kinds of struggles, but when you find yourself down you’ve just got to get up and carry on one step at a time. That’s all the words of encouragement you’ll ever get out of me so savour it!

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