Thor: Ragnarok first impressions

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Conor Bailey
With Infinity War looming, is Ragnorok a possible hidden gem for Marvel?
Marvel Studios

Published 28th July 2017

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With a smorgasbord of deliciously nerdy content coming from D23 and, more recently, San Diego Comic-Con, it seems like everyone has got a favourite.

Marvel seems to be the biggest in this, with Infinity War being supposedly the hypest thing in the history of anything, reinforced by rumoured leaked footage going, to future projects like Captain Marvel getting more and more momentum every day.

There is however a film which I think should be getting more of a spotlight – a film that could well be its studio’s secret weapon for 2017, based on how great it looks. That film? Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor has been an interesting character for the MCU. The tone of who he should be has shifted around lot – sometimes he is a fierce Viking warrior, a somewhat headstrong God-jock, or a frustrated leader who wants to break away from those very same stereotypes.

This is reflected in his previous two solo outings. The original Thor (2011) is a grand affair, sporting a Shakespearian like manner to it (it is directed by Kenneth Branagh after all) whilst Thor: The Dark World is more… well dark, and moody, and angsty.

But his newest adventure – where there is gladiatorial combat, laser guns, and Jeff Goldblum reveling as an overzealous villain – is so adrift from what we thought Thor was.

It’s outright bonkers… and it’s amazing.

From the original trailer, with Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song complimenting the action, wacky looking characters and ultra-cheesy 80’s sci-fi vibes, this is a new direction, especially for someone as testosterone ladled as Thor, but something that he has needed for a while.

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It can be argued that looking at Ragnarok, the tone is similar to that of Guardians of Galaxy. Somewhat light-hearted with a surplus of humour to boot, with action and science and interplanetary shenanigans.

This is far cry from what Thor was originally portrayed as – added that Hulk is getting a lot more attention than in the previous Avengers films.

Reports are that this is going to be shortest Marvel film to date. People may say this is the thing but if anything, this is a great indication of what is in store. The less time there is, the more the film will need to grab the audience’s attention.

From looking at the trailer – between a Thor and Hulk arena face off, Cate Blanchett blowing up hammers and being a general death god, Loki and his brother fighting together with space guns, and the Hulk fighting a huge-as-hell demon, it seems like the film is going all in.

The immediate impression you get from this film is that it simply wants to show the audience a good time. Obviously, like any Marvel film, there will be build up to Infinity War and other connected MCU films, but the hope is that this is a fun, no holds barred throwback to nostalgic B-movie classics.

With the big crossovers incoming, all of them most likely having massive repercussions and being super serious, Thor: Ragnarok may provide an alternative – simple, anarchistic, Nordic sci-fi fun.

Thor: Ragnarok will be coming to theatres on the 27th October, and will kick off a long line of Marvel originals and sequels.

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