Could this be the end of streaming?

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Charles W-W
Studios ditching Netflix for their own platforms could end up costing consumers

Published 11th October 2017

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It was announced last month that Disney will be pulling all its content off Netflix. But stand fast my superhero geek friends because it looks like – for the time being – Marvel/Netflix properties like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will remain alongside other Marvel owned property on Netfilx.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, aside from Disney announcing they were to pull all their animated titles from Netflix and other VOD providers, they’ve also mentioned that they will be starting up their own streaming platform (for an okay price of £4.99). With this service of course you, can stream the Disney channels, Pixar and any Lucas film property.

Are you starting to see a trend here?

Back in April 2015 HBO launched its own streaming service, Netflix has been investing heavily into developing their own content for the last few years, similarly Amazon have also been developing original TV shows, and soon DC will be launching its own streaming service with the release of the Titans TV show. Now also getting on the bandwagon (or rather, getting of it), Disney are taking their football (content) home and playing in their own back garden. For fans of these individual studios this is probably the greatest news ever, you’re getting all the exclusive content you love in one easy place and you’ll get brand new exclusive IP you can enjoy.

But if a lot of the other studios/channels follow this trend this could end up being a total financial nightmare for regular consumers like myself. I can see it now; a post-apocalyptic landscape where houses have been burnt down, fizzy drinks cost more than fuel and are running out just as fast, things like Doritos and popcorn are near extinction and are sold by shady figures in parks for £50 a gram, and people are living in total poverty while still working full-time jobs. All this just so we can stream from over 100 different services and eat all the bad food we can to make the experience of watching 10 TV shows at the same time a little worthwhile. All whilst these studio heads sit up in their diamond mansions floating above the clouds laughing at us as we fight and die to consume all the great content our bloodshot eyes can lay on.

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Either that or, after the market is saturated with 100 different streaming services, the studios realise what a terrible investment they’ve made in abandoning the stability of cable TV in hopes of starting a new life of freedom and prosperity online, not realising that 20 other studios have just done the exact same thing (while also failing to notice that their content really isn’t all that great), so no one signs up for their service and the whole studio goes down the drain.

But in all seriousness, if studios think they have a better chance at launching their own streaming service then they should take into consideration how much the average Joe is already paying for entertainment. I for one am already paying for Netflix and the NowTV Entertainment & Movie pass which is around £24 a month all together. The next streaming service I may take into consideration would have to really knock my socks off with some original content I’ve been dying to see – DC’s new streaming service may be the one, but I’ll have to wait and see how the new Titans series looks before I jump the gun.

The appeal of online video over cable TV, aside from the convenience of choosing your own schedule, is the price. Satellite and cable TV packages can easily exceed £50 a month, whereas Netflix – even after the recent price bump – is just £7.99. So with so many providers going solo, offering exclusive content, people like me will soon have to choose only a small handful of subscriptions from the vast selection of studios just so we don’t rack up a subscription bill that far succeeds the even cost of cable.

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And in this time of scarcer, more concentrated availability of content, the only light at the end of this dark tunnel will be the products that we had shunned and casted out into the ether after we got complacent with our all-you-can-eat Netfilx.

After we pushed to the ground and spat on them as we walked away hand-in-hand with Netflix, Blockbuster, VHS tapes, and old satellite cables will be the ones to save us in our time of need!

Thank you for reading this short think piece about what I think will happen to streaming services, I hope you enjoyed! Give us a like and a share if you please! If you want to reach out to me, I’m on Twitter at @charliewarnerw. If you didn’t like this article then good luck with your internet speed!

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