Star Wars Battlefront II beta: first impressions

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Charles W-W
Limited in features, but not fun!

Published 13th October 2017

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Star Wars season is closing in once again. We have the great Star Wars Rebels Season 4 premiering on October 16th, a selection of Star Wars universe comics coming fourth, and finally the film we have all been waiting for – Star Wars: The Last Jedi, coming out on December 15th!

But I’m here today to talk about another Star Wars release.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to come out on November 17th, but the multiplayer beta went online last week, lasting just five days. I only managed to clock in a few hours of gameplay, but I’m ready to present my thoughts on it.

So, what are the game modes in the beta?

One of the main draws for this game (and the franchise generally) are the big multiplayer maps where two teams of 20 face up against each other in what’s called the ‘Galactic Assault’. Set on Naboo, the aim of this game is to attack or defend to achieve the objective. That simple.

Another multiplayer mode we’re given to play with is the ‘Starfighter Assault’, which consists of flying around in space attacking the other team of 12 players to secure the objective.

The last multiplayer game is ‘Strike’, a capture/defend the flag kind of game that is set in our current Star Wars timeline where the team of eight must capture/defend the artefact around Maz’s Castle on Takodana.

We are also given a small taste of what it’s like offline with the solo arcade game where the player can either play as Darth Maul, a B2-RP Rocket droid, or four different styles of clone trooper to wipe out a certain amount of the enemies’ troops before the timer runs out. I assume this is the same for the co-op split screen as it gives you the same options as the single player (I wouldn’t know because I have no one to play split screen with…)

Unfortunately, we did not get to play anything from the campaign in this beta, which is kind of sad. It would have been nice for the studio to let us get a feel of the campaign since it’s been hyped up so much. Just the introduction level would have been nice…

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What I enjoyed

It should be noted that I can’t stand online multiplayer games. Call of Duty – gross, Battlefield – no thanks, Grand Theft Auto Online – *yawn*. But Battlefront is something different. What I like about it is that the devs who created the maps and the playable characters made sure that the battle is fair on both sides. All the players have pretty much the same chance as anyone else to strive in each game, each character has clear advantages and disadvantages which players can use at their will. So there is no 360 spin knife throw across the map magically killing someone. If your play style is to run around hoping you can pick off the enemy then go for it but there are disadvantages to doing so – your gun has long cool-down period that at times can be a nuisance forcing you the player to think about having to find a safe spot to lock and load, rather than run about aimlessly, for example.

Another positive for me is the in-battle reward system.  The longer you can stay alive and kill the enemy troops, the more points you save up (as shown on your respawn screen). *Someone from the back*, “What can you do with your saved points?” Well if you save up a certain number of points you can then spend the points on playing as a legendary character. In the main multiplayer game you can save up to play as a Wookie soldier, a jet trooper, Han Solo, or Rey (light side of course)! For the dark side you can save up and play as a B2 Super Battle Droid, B2-RP Rocket Droid, Boba Fett, or Darth Maul. And that was just to name few as there will be a lot more on release of the full game. But because I’m not the greatest online player in the world I’ve played as the Wookie soldier a handful times and Darth Maul once, and although it wasn’t that many of times, it was extremely fun being one of the characters that had not only had a different skill set to everyone else on the field but also had the slight upper hand.

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What I disliked

There’s only one problem I have with the beta (apart from the non-existent campaign mode) and that’s the Starfighter Assault. Now, the concept kinda sounds cool – you go up in to space and shoot at each other in these iconic space ships. But that’s where the novelty ends because you’ll soon find yourself in the thick of the battle surrounded by explosions and other massive space ships that are all part of the map. I played Starfighter Assault quite a few times and was more confused about what was going on every time I tried to comprehend what was happening. The objective is as straight forward as kill the opposition, fair enough, but the catch is that you must navigate your ship to go in all sorts of directions amongst the chaos to try and get a kill.

Trying to navigate your ship is also a pain in the backside because the thruster is controlled by the left control stick and the direction is controlled by the right stick! Why!?! Of course this multiplayer mode is optional, if you don’t want to fly a space ship then you don’t have to, I just wished the studio made the experience a little less harsh.

Overall thoughts

I enjoyed this beta, and I was really saddened when I launched it for the first time (five days after release) to realise that it didn’t have long left to live. I had lots of fun and although it was just the beta, it was perfect marketing for people like me (non-multiplayer types) to convince us to pick up a copy upon release.

I give this beta a 3 out of 5, due to most of the modes being unavailable until release. Still, I was very entertained by what was given to us.

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