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A round-up of all the biggest news from E3 2017

Published 22nd June 2017

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So, E3 just happened. The world’s biggest gaming event where all the geeks get together with the studios to sweat it up, playing and talking all things gaming. If you weren’t fortunate enough to be there this year – then boohoo – but never, fear I am here to tell you everything you’ve missed.

Starting with Sony

First up, a Sony exclusive that everyone’s been peeping for a while now – God of War. Along with a vague “Early 2018” release date, we saw a new trailer that looked beautifully brutal. The trailer shed some light on to the next adventure of Kratos, only this time he has a son! We get Lava monsters, a little murder boy, beautiful scenery, brutal combat, and much more as Kratos and son go on a bonding road trip.

PS4 users get another exclusive from that wall-crawling menace, Spider-Man! Sony showed us a gameplay trailer that featured cameos from Kingpin and Mister Negative. In this trailer, we also had a more detailed look at the game’s mechanics, with quick time events that look to be of cinematic quality, web swinging that reminds me of the classic Spider-Man 2 game where you swing from buildings and not the sky, and combat that resembles the likes of the Batman Arkham series. Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to release in 2018.

I am no fan of this franchise, but I do have a soft spot for any storytelling that takes place in wars of this past century or so. Sony showed us a multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty WW2, which PS4 players will get to play the beta for a week before Xbox One. The official release, though, is set as November 3rd for both consoles. The multiplayer trailer showed the fans some locations where they will be sweating it out this November; Normandy, Ardennes Forrest (Belgium), Aachen (Germany), the English Channel, and Crimea. Closer analysis of the trailer will also reveal the intense multiplayer action for the sweatys to indulge in, and a chance to figure what weapons will playable.

And last but least, PS4 Destiny players will get exclusive strike, ship, weapon and PVP maps.

Moving on to Microsoft

Remember project Scorpio, Microsoft’s evil secret plan to take over the world? Well it looks like Microsoft has renamed that project ‘Xbox One X’ and, starting on the November 7th, will be attempting to take over world with the use of their very own entertainment box that will be sold at $499 (or £449.99 for us UK dwellers). This world domination box will sport 4K graphics, 12GB of RAM, 326 GB/s of memory bandwidth, and backwards compatibility. Alongside this console, Microsoft dares you to buy Forza 7 on October 3rd to test out the Xbox One X’s backwards compatibility feature.

Accompanying the new Xbox release (November 7th), Crackdown 3 got a small gameplay demo that, to me,  looks very similar to something like Saints Row or an Infamous Second Son, the kind of game where you jump real high, float around, and shoot outrageous guns.

Xbox also announced a brand-new IP, Anthem, with a gameplay demo. Anthem looks to be an open-world game where the player will get to walk, fly, and swim around in a customisable exo-suit called a Javelin. In this game, you play as a freelancer that has to leave the inner city walls to explore the vast outside world and look for loot all whilst fending off strange threats.

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Next is Nintendo

Nintendo didn’t give us much to work with this year at E3, but they did drop some popular names and a couple of release dates.

Starting off, we got trailer for Mario Odyssey, a game that will come to the Nintendo Switch on October 27th. The trailer includes man-of-the-world Mario who can now take over living things with the use of his new magic plumber’s hat. The levels shown in this trailer really do look like a huge step up for Nintendo as Mario will now be able to explore the desert, the city, underwater, a never-ending landscape of grass, and many more areas. It’s like Super Mario meets Unreal Engine 4. For anyone that’s a Mario fan and hasn’t picked up the Nintendo Switch, I’m think this game will go a long way in selling them.

Remember Metroid? She’s also getting an appearance on the Nintendo Switch in Metroid Prime 4, and also on the blinding 3DS in Metroid: Samus Returns.

A Pokémon game is coming to Switch some time as well (yep that’s all the news on that huge franchise).

Multiple DLCs will be released for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Lastly for any of you Switch players that are looking at everyone else playing Rocket League on their other consoles, good news! You too will be able to play Rocket League on Switch very soon.

Under the microscope, Ubisoft

One of my personal favourites, Far Cry 5 gets two new trailers. Far Cry 5 takes place in the American country, presumably current day, where some cultist has taken over and the cultists are killing everyone that they deem to be sinners. The game looks to have the same mechanics and weapons as the last few iterations of the Far Cry, added to it though is a combine harvester, a dog that does doggy stuff, and some other rebels that help you out during your gun battles.

A cinematic trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 was released and in all honesty, I have no idea what this game is (I’ve never heard of this franchise before) but oh my lord, this cinematic piece looks amazing – funny and all shades of junkyard cool!

We get a Pirate game! Skull and Bones looks to be our pirate fix just as much as rum is for Captain Jack Sparrow. In the cinematic trailer we’re placed in 1721, as a captain of our won pirate ship that either looks to trade, take down enemy ships, or to explore. This does remind me slightly of that absolute failure of a game, No Man’s Sky, but of course I’m hoping this game turns out to be a great success.

Remember earlier when I talked about Mario? Well there’s more! Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is coming to your Nintendo Switch on August 29th.

Assassins Creed Origins gets a release date of October 27th with some new gameplay footage debuting at Ubisoft’s E3 conference. Now, I don’t want to get into a rant about this franchise but I will give you my two cents here; this franchise is now a joke. The first three games (AC, ACII, and AC Brotherhood) were a clear progression of the series. But then starting with AC Revelations, it has just been going on a never ending downhill tumble to the grave thanks to poor characters, uninspired weapons and combat mechanics, and crap stories. Maybe in the future I’ll treat you to a rant piece about this…

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Behold Bethesda

Hey you Nintendo Switch players, do you like playing as your own fully customisable characters? Do you like making characters shout so loud he/she can move objects? Do you like fighting dragons? Then Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is for you! Elder Scrolls will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year!

Wolfenstein II got a release date of October 27th, alongside an awesome skit/cinematic/gameplay trailer. This game is perfect for anybody that wants to embrace their inner rebel and kill a load of Nazi overlords in the most brutal way possible. I for sure will be picking this game up on release, it’s fun, bloody, story-driven, and so much more.

I bet you horror fans are feeling left out, right? Well don’t be too sad because Bethesda has your back with the Evil Within 2. Bethesda announced that the game will come out on Friday 13th (bet that spooked ya) in October this year. With this we got a thrilling trailer, accompanied by a bit gameplay at the end.

For anyone that’s got PS4 VR set, you can play Fallout 4 and DOOM later this year if that tickles your virtual fancy.

And then there was EA

Every FIFA fan knows the ins and outs of this franchise so I won’t go in to it, but a gameplay trailer was released for FIFA 18.

Everyone should know by now that at the end of each year is now Star Wars season, we get Episode VIII this year and we’re also treated to Battlefront II on November 17th.  From E3 we saw some gameplay footage from the multiplayer mode which looks very similar to the first Battlefront, with additions new vehicles and arenas and playable soldier types. We also get a single player for us types that don’t want to try our luck at multiplayer. Excitingly, the single player is in going to be cannon, as announced in April. So that’s more, official Star Wars story coming this year!

Madden 18 gets its first ever story mode where the player will struggle to make it into the NFL.

And lastly a gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Payback. Did this trailer remind you of anything? Like a film involving cars/drivers doing insane stunts because they’re a family or something? Need for Speed Payback will be coming out November 10th.

Until next year…

Thank you for reading this quick(ish) rundown of the bigger E3 announcements. Please feel free to give me any criticisms or compliments at @charliewarnerw on Twitter, or just find out who I am and stalk me for a while before telling you didn’t like my article.

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