Top 5 characters to appear in Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

Top 5 characters to appear in Power Rangers: Shattered Grid


| 8th January 2018 |

> Anything's possible, but which characters should make this massive event?

This month, BOOM! Studios announced they will be releasing the next issue of their Power Rangers comic book series titled Shattered Grid in celebration of Saban’s Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary. The issue is said to include the sinister alternate-universe version of Tommy Oliver (the original Green Power Ranger) named Lord Drakkon, who intends to cross dimensions and finally eradicate Power Rangers.

As a long-time fan of the Power Rangers franchise, just writing those words makes me extremely excited for this issue.

Therefore, being the long-term fan that I am, I have come up with a list of the top five characters (in no particular order) I’d like to see appear and take on the villainous Lord Drakkon.

5. Jen – Pink Time Force Ranger

Jen is arguably the greatest Pink Ranger of all time. Not only at times did she come across as the leader of the Time Force team (a role usually time assigned to the Red Ranger), but she was just an overall badass who never backed down from the mutant crime lords that she came up against.

Jen’s stand out performance as a female leader was displayed amazingly in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode Reinforcements from the Future, where she traveled through time alone to execute three rogue mutant and org hybrids (known as Mut-Orgs).

Since Jen has a history in the TV series of being a time travelling badass, I would love to see her travel through time (and possibly cross dimensions) again to eliminate the threat of Lord Drakkon and his army. Perhaps it could be explained that Lord Drakkon causes problems within the dimensional timeline that Jen exists in, and therefore Jen has to chase Drakkon through the various timelines to stop him from causing chaos in the future.

4. Justin – Blue Turbo Ranger

Justin’s introduction into the Power Rangers universe was odd considering he was a 12-year-old who was given the Blue Turbo Ranger powers by Zordon because…yeah. That being said, Justin was a very good Blue Ranger in my opinion, and one of the bright sparks of the Turbo series. He was brave, confident, and drove a Megazord-powered car without even holding a driving license.

As I previously mentioned, when Justin was originally introduced he was only 12 and and thus didn’t have much experience as a Ranger. Since Lord Drakkon’s mission is to eliminate the very existence of the Power Rangers, it would be interesting to see Drakkon travel into the future and attempt to eliminate a much older and more skilled and mature Blue Turbo Ranger.

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3. Tommy – Black Dino Thunder Ranger

During the Power Rangers franchise Tommy Oliver (the original Green Ranger) hands over his Red Turbo Ranger powers to TJ in the late 90s. Years later, Tommy would return and become the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. Tommy is probably the most beloved character in the history of Power Rangers, and certainly the most enduring – he’s held the power of five different rangers. It’s owing to his popularity that this comic book is centred on an evil version of him.

So if Drakkon plans to eliminate the existence of every Ranger, why not showcase a battle between the alternate version of Tommy (Lord Drakkon), and the future Black Dino Thunder Ranger version of Tommy? There’s nothing better than a hero fighting an alternate version of themselves.

2. The Phantom Ranger

The Phantom Ranger is perhaps the most mysterious character in the history of the franchise because his identity remains unknown even now. He first appeared in the Turbo series, and made his final appearance in the following season (Power Rangers in Space) where he assisted the Rangers against the United Alliance of Evil (every single Power Rangers villain).

According to RangerWiki, the Phantom Ranger’s identity was meant to be revealed at the end of Power Rangers in Space, but a decision was taken by Fox to cut the scene. The wikia also states that the Phantom Ranger was actually Zordon’s son… Holy hell!!! It was also rumoured that the Phantom Ranger was Justin’s (Blue Turbo Ranger) dad!

Since there are all these rumours about who the Phantom Ranger might be, why not reveal it in the Shattered Grid issue? My idea is that Lord Drakkon eventually finds himself alone with the original Ranger team, after destroying many of the other Rangers (lifeless bodies surrounding Lord Drakkon, and his army). As Lord Drakkon is about to kill Zordon and the Rangers, The Phantom Ranger comes to the rescue of the team. After battling with Drakkon, The Phantom Ranger’s helmet is shattered (I know, good right?) revealing it to be an elderly version of Billy Cranston, the original Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger.

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During the Zeo series (fourth season), Billy suffered from accelerated aging and was sent to another planet (Aquitar) to cure the problem. While Billy returned to his normal age in the Zeo series, it could be explained that Billy eventually returned to Earth to help the other Rangers, but continued to suffer from accelerated aging. Billy therefore had to build the Phantom Ranger armour to survive on Earth, helping him breathe while continuously aging (similar to Darth Vader’s life support suit in some aspects).

1. Alex – Original Red Time Force Ranger

Alex was the original Red Time Force Ranger who was supposedly killed in the opening episode of Time Force, but ended up returning later on in the season when it turned out he wasn’t dead after all… Wooo. The Time Force team then travelled from the year 3000 back to 2001, and Alex’s ancestor Wes became the Red Ranger, because Alex’s morpher was able to sync with Wes due the two sharing the same DNA.

Time travel – it’s great.

Alex briefly returned as the Red Ranger midway through the season when he travelled back to 2001 and took back the Red Ranger powers (what a douche). However he eventually gave the powers back to Wes and travelled back to the year 3000.

Alex explains in the series that Wes becoming the Red Ranger meant the timeline would change, meaning Alex would never be killed in the year 3000, which was what caused the team to travel back in time in the first place. Since its possible Alex would never actually receive the Red Time Force powers, why not introduce a brand new ranger (similar to what they did with Drakkon)? My idea is that Alex could harness power from the ‘shadow force’ Megazord (a Megazord that appeared in the Time Force series) to become the ‘Shadow Force’ Ranger.

This could even possibly end with Alex actually being killed this time, therefore causing mad chaos throughout the Power Rangers timeline.

Send us your suggestions!

These are just my five picks for the characters I’d like to see return in the Shattered Grid issue, but I could go for days. If you’re a massive Power Rangers geek like myself, then let The Newplex know on Twitter what your suggestions are.