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An introduction to our site from the editor

Published 1st January 2017

By , Editor

Well hello, and a very warm welcome to this brand new website, The Newplex. My name is Jads (not my actual name, that would be silly) and I shall be the editor (lol) for the foreseeable.

What is The Newplex anyway?

Good question, and honestly I’m reticent to give too clear an answer at this point. Put simply though, I’ve designed this site to be a home for a select group of people who love to talk about the stuff they love.

We’re not like other sites or blogs you may come across online with a seemingly infinite amount of writers churning out an industrial amount of listicles. Instead we’ll put together a small group of individuals that you’ll get to know right here on The Newplex.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding profiles for all our contributors, as well as recruiting a few more. Speaking of which, if you think you might be interested, I’d love it if you considered joining us.

And what is that ‘stuff’?

For now I’ve split the categories into blogs, video games, pro wrestling, movies, and TV. In the near future, we’ll be adding sport & fitness, music, general pop culture, media, tech, and books. Our team ranges from devoted fans to industry insiders, all with plenty of opinions and insights into the bits of culture they care about the most.

Why you? Why now?

You might be thinking that the new media market is becoming somewhat saturated at this point. That the influencers have been established with the all bases firmly covered, but I would disagree (obviously).

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I’ll take pro wrestling as an example. The UK is currently enjoying a massive surge in both popularity and quality in its independent professional wrestling scene, which as a fan I am thrilled about.

As someone who is actively involved in promotion however, I have – more often than not – found outside commentary to be lacking in vital insight and political consideration. Indeed even insider remarks can be either painfully two-dimensional or outright disingenuous.

I think there is room, in all the fields we’ll be covering, for new voices who are close enough to the action to discuss it with insight and consideration, but without the same level of vested interest as others to do so honestly.

What’s the plan?

I have big plans for this site. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect it to turn into IGN or the like overnight – I’m not delusional. But I think for us involved on this end, and for any viewers we may attract, it should be a bit of fun.

We’ll start by building up a collection of quality, enjoyable posts here on TheNewplex.com, and we’ll add to that with topic-specific podcasts, whole-team podcasts, YouTube videos, special features, and a load of other content.

It’s my ambition that by the end of 2017, The Newplex will be a thriving media content producer, and we’ll have a small audience who enjoy that content just as much we enjoy making it.

So what now?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding as much new content to the site as we can, and I’ll be introducing our contributors to you in a series of dedicated posts.

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I’ll also carry on working on the technical development of the site. This is my first time developing a website of this nature, and I fear I may be more fluent in $javaScript() than I am in English at this point.

Inevitably, there will be a few bugs and formatting issues that arise as we go on. I’m already aware of a formatting issue on iPad, and I can assure you it will be sorted in the coming days. Other fixes and improvements will be deployed as and when they are ready.

Other than that, I’d really appreciate it if you could follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page, it’ll be the best way to catch our latest posts and to comment/interact on anything and everything NewPlex.


Finally, I’d like to thank you for reading this far. I hope over the coming weeks we’ll be able to earn your return visits to our site and I’d also like to thank those who have sent well wishes. I hope you’ll have a good time interacting with the site, and we’ll have some good discussions about all things nerdy.

Until the next time,


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