Merry Christmas from The Newplex!

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I'm festive af right now...

Published 24th December 2017

By , Editor

Just like that, another Christmas is upon us. While they seem to throw themselves at me like the legions of Newplex fangirls do these days, I always seem to be dramatically unprepared. Even with a whole week to find gifts, drink eggnog, and watch my favourite Christmas movies, I somehow seem to have achieved nothing aside from an an epic two-hour-long Falls Count Anywhere match on WWE 2K18 with my brother that will go down in legend for the incredible number of glitches.

Still, this time last year – between scoffing mince pies and playing David Bowie’s Lazarus on loop, probably – I was prepping the site for our New Year’s Day launch, nervously anticipating what 2017 would have in store for the baby Newplex. Nearly a year on, and the same excitement for what the new year will bring for The Newplex has returned – and I cannot wait to share what we have lined up.

For the last few months, I’ve been working on quite a major refresh for the site. Our current website design has seen us through our first year, but it’s time for a more modern layout which ensures our unique and soon-to-be increasingly diverse types of content are given the presentation they deserve. All the fun techy stuff behind that is done, but I’m having a straight-up nightmare with the new logo. The design I came up with is pretty slick – if I do say so myself – but the person who designed the font is a legit nightmare. I finally got her to lay out the terms of a someway agreeable licence, but the price she demands is nothing short of insane. Artists make the worst businesspeople. So part of me is tempted to just fold and pay the crazy fee because I simply cannot find a suitable replacement, but I’m also not sure if I should be directly funding font terrorism – so I’m in a bind.

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My hope is to have all this sorted for New Year’s Day, but at this rate I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Anyhow, the update notes for The Newplex 2.0 can wait until the new site goes live. Until then, I’m determined to stuff a bit of Christmas joy into the holiday in these last couple of days before it’s all over again for another year, and I hope you can all do the same. Even as I type this, I’m enjoying the cringe-fest that is The Holiday – for what is Christmas without Cameron Diaz?

To help get you started, here are some hard truths: if there’s a last minute present you need to get for someone, it’s absolutely too late. Haven’t got the turkey in yet? You’re stuffed (unlike the turkey, lol). Your halls still of the undecked variety? They’re staying that way. Guys it’s Christmas Eve, and it’s too late to do anything other kick back and enjoy the day, and I hope you’re doing so with people you care about.

I hope this will be the first of many Christmases we celebrate here on The Newplex, and as our first year comes to a close I feel the need to extend a special thanks and some holiday wishes:

Firstly, to you, anyone who has read and continues to read our ramblings on all things nerdy here on the site. I hope we have given you something interesting to read on a subject you’re passionate about or – failing that – given you a chuckle or two.

Secondly, I must give my sincerest thanks to The Newplex team. The reason I’m excited for The Newplex’s future is purely down to the dedication and creativity of this gang of enthusiastic nerds who I am so happy have made The Newplex their home. The support and input of the whole team has been invaluable, though I’m compelled to give a special shout-out to Bif, JOPO, Conor, and Charlie, whose hard work, innovation, and content-producing power have made the site what it is this year. They’ve each written fantastic end-of-year posts to share before New Year’s Day, so be sure to check back next week!

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Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, I hope you find some time amongst all the chaos to enjoy it. I know between work, all the commercial Christmas stuff (how many trees had to die for your trite 89p greetings card?), performing on a three-hour Raw (suckers), and tyrannous font artists, it can be hard to truly unwind. But you owe it to yourself to try.

So joy to the world, cranberry sauce, mistletoe, and holly for all. Have a happy, safe, and chill break – and The Newplex will be here ready to do it all again in 2018.

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