Teen Wolf: What happens next?

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The mysterious 'Foundation' and how it shapes our young heroes' future

Published 9th October 2017

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With elements of horror, the supernatural, action, and comedy, Teen Wolf came as an enjoyable way to spend an evening in my own late teen years – bundling cinematic action with soap opera drama in a way that only cheesey American teen TV shows can.

But after a decent run of six seasons, 100 episodes, and one last triumphant battle, MTV’s hit show has come to an end. The big bad guy was vanquished, everyone seemed to be hooking up with each other, and things generally seemed to be looking positive.

If you’re anything like me though, you’ll probably be wondering just what will happen next?

When we left the gang at the end of The Wolves of War, Gerard’s plan to destroy the supernatural folk of Beacon Hills had come crashing down around him after Scott killed the fear-inducing Anuk-Ite (a not-so-subtle metaphor for the current political landscape), and when his own supernatural daughter ripped his face off.

Gerard’s apprentice, Monroe, survived the ordeal however. Armed with a legion of disciples, Gerard’s knowledge, and a refreshed ambition to be a bad guy, we see at the end of the episode how she is still hunting down supernaturals – before her latest victim is rescued by Scott & Co.

What struck me from that sequence was just how organised the whole process seemed. Up until now, everything Scott and his pack did was rather reactionary, but this – this was a well orchestrated plan.

Which got me to thinking, maybe this is what should happen next…

The Foundation

As long as there are supernatural beings, there will always be those hunting them. It’s just human nature – we fear what’s different. Since entering the supernatural world, Scott and his friends have informally taken up responsibility for safeguarding both the supernaturals from those who hunt them, and humans from the out of control supernaturals.

They’ve been doing it for six seasons and, by and large, have gotten pretty darn good at it. So the obvious next step would surely be to do this full time?

I propose that a not-for-profit foundation be established, headquartered in Beacon Hills, dedicated to the mission of protecting the rights and safety of this persecuted group, while also ensuring the safety of the general public from these often volatile and powerful individuals. They key positions of the Foundation would be filled as follows:

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Chris Argent, CEO

Battle-hardened, wise, frankly got nothing better to do, Chris Argent would be the perfect choice for CEO of the Foundation. His knowledge of all things supernatural is certainly more detailed compared to that of Scott, and his connections all around the world make him the perfect face of respectability that the fledgling organisation would need. With pretty much all of his family dead or terrible, Chris will continue to build his relationship with Melissa McCall – eventually moving in together (which grosses Scott out).

Operations Division

And that will make for an interesting dynamic as Scott will be reporting to Argent in his new role leading an operations team within the Foundation. Scott’s team will spend their days planning and executing rescues, captures, and general crisis response in collaboration with the investigations team and in cooperation with law enforcement. Scott’s job will pretty much be to do what he’s being doing for the last few years – except now he will be paid for it. And he’ll be able to claim back gas on expenses.

Scott is a born leader, but he doesn’t belong behind a desk. He’s too young and emotional to run the whole Foundation on his own, but Head of Operations suits him just right. He has a natural ability to make people trust him, and that will be essential for the young operatives who work alongside him. Liam would obviously follow Scott into the operations division as soon as he finishes school, but Jackson and Ethan would also fit in well. Their jet-setting lifestyle would actually make them perfect candidates for international agents – like James Bond with claws. Theo could potentially also be on the team, but everyone hates that guy so maybe not. I guess Malia will also have to be there because she’s not much good for anything else – but I can see her getting fired pretty quickly.

Sadly though, Scott seems to have put his ambitions to be a vet on hold.

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Guiding the operations division will be the investigations team, led by Lydia. Her clairvoyance and intelligence make her the perfect choice to lead a team of other clever people who will follow clues and analyse reports of supernatural activity across the world. She’ll work closely with Scott in coordinating their work to track down wayward supernaturals and – crucially – to foil Monroe’s dastardly plots.

She’ll keep in close contact with Sheriff Stilinski to assist the police in taking down supernatural threats and organising protection for supernaturals from vigilantes. She’ll also liaise with Stiles (if you know what I mean…) who will complete his training, and take a job, with the FBI and work under Rafe McCall in a new department dedicated to keeping track on all things supernatural. In this role, Stiles will stationed at the Foundation’s Beacon Hills headquarters – meaning he and Lydia don’t have to do the whole long-distance thing which never works in TV shows ever. To be honest though, it’s more about Scott and Stiles still being BFFs, because the last season with Stiles was away for so much of it was really tough.

Other candidates to join the investigations team include Mason, because he’s super smart, and Corey because he can go invisible which is handy for surveillance and shiz.


There are plenty of other characters who could contribute to the Foundation, but I’m keeping this list Season 6 centric for the sake of simplicity. The other issue is that Teen Wolf is such a typical American teen drama that all the characters over the past six seasons have been impossibly attractive and also all looked the same – so it’s very hard for me to A, remember everyone and B, tell them apart.

Still, as the years go on I’m sure other faces from the past would crop up and get involved with the Foundation’s good work in some way. It would certainly make for a decent spin-off show at any rate. I know Jeff Davis is moving on to other projects so if MTV were potentially looking for a young, fresh new writer…

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