Bringing Impact Wrestling back from the brink

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Small ways to help put Impact Wrestling on stronger ground
Impact Wrestling

Published 3rd November 2017

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2017 has been yet another turbulent year for Impact Wrestling. Although it is now coming out of it on the other side, it’s meant they’ve lost grip on a lot of the progress they gained earlier in the year. So here’s some thoughts on how they can begin to reclaim that ground and establish a more solid product.


While Impact Wrestling already has some great talent – such as Johnny Impact (previously Johnny Mundo), Alberto El Patron (previously Del Rio), Lashley, Moose, and Matt Sydal to name a few – I think there are various signings Impact Wrestling could potentially make to bulk up their roster and attract more attention. Below is a list of wrestlers I think Impact could realistically make, and why I think they should be signed.

Pentagon Jr: If you’ve kept up to date with Lucha Underground (if you haven’t you’re crazy), you’ll know Pentagon Jr has done some phenomenal work in terms of displaying brilliant character development as well as solid in ring work. Not only would his wrestling ability be a credit to the Impact roster, but his sadistic arm-snapping character could be used to create some brilliant on-screen storytelling.

Hangman Page: 2017 has arguably been one of the best years for the Bullet Club with the addition of Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll which has further boosted the popularity of the faction while creating the most flamboyant incarnation of the group so far. Imagine if Impact Wrestling was able to capitalise on the popularity of that faction, and sign one of their lower ranked members.

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Hangman Page is lower on the totem pole compared to the other Bullet Club stars right now, but at the young age of 26, he has a lot of untapped potential. Due to the popularity of the Bullet Club, and Hangman’s talent, he could easily be slotted into an X-Division title or Grand title feud upon arrival.

Rey Mysterio: Rey Mysterio could be considered one of, if not the best cruiserweights of all time. His recent work in Lucha Underground is proof that the ‘Biggest Little Man’ has still got what it takes. Also, the guy is super popular and could attract a larger following to start watching the Impact product. Rey could easily be slotted into the main event scene, or into the ranks of the X-Division.

Impact Grand Championship

I previously mentioned this in my other Impact Wrestling post earlier this year, but I really like the concept of the Impact Grand Championship. Mixed martial arts has become increasingly popular over the last few years, so why not capitalise on the popularity of promotions such as the UFC and make the Impact Grand title a large feature of the show – instead of a throw away mid-card belt?

Why not build up to huge title matches with press conferences, and a mini YouTube series the same way the UFC do with their UFC Embedded vlog series? Instead of regular wrestling commentary, why not explore the realms of cardiovascular conditioning and how it’s affecting the wrestlers during each round? Along with showing training montages pre-match to big up the level of athleticism that goes into a three-round wrestling match. Really sell the sport element of pro wrestling.

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Be Different

I think one of the main things that Impact Wrestling can aim to do is to just be completely different to other wrestling promotions – notably WWE. For example, Lucha Underground displays extremely out of this world characters and storytelling, whereas New Japan Pro Wrestling utilises the phenomenal in-ring work of their wrestlers along with simple storytelling. Therefore it would make sense for Impact Wrestling to tap into a different market.

As I mentioned with the Grand Championship, why not capitalise on the popularity of shoot fighting (eg UFC) and book the shows as if they were real fights. However, they could go completely opposite to that and utilise the outlandishness of shows such as Total Nonstop Deletion, and feature super science fictional characters.


State of your championship belts mate… I don’t mind the Global Championship, but the rest of them are gross. There’s nothing better than a gorgeous looking championship belt. For example, the old NWA/WCW/WWE big gold belt is beautiful! More belts like that please, Impact.

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I know this has been a shorter post, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on how Impact Wrestling could make some improvements, in my opnion. Do you have any suggestions? Then let us know on Twitter, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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