Newplex Wrestling #13

Uneasy Alliances

JOPO Written by

1st November 2017

On the previous episode of Newplex Wrestling, Tyler Bate was attacked by the Bullet Club ‘Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne after Bate successfully defended his UK Championship. Tryda was welcomed to ally himself with the reoccurring hooded figure who refers to himself as the ‘Chosen One’. And all hell broke loose between Jads, JOPO, Kenny Omega, and the Bullet Club after Jads defeated Cody in a non-title match, which ended with Omega telling Jads he did not need the help of Jads, and JOPO.  

On this edition of Newplex Wrestling the ‘Demi-God’ King Baz will defend his Newplex RISE championship against the challenging ‘Ass-Kicking Machine’ EC3, the ‘Technical Assassin’ Tryda will go one-on-one with the debuting Simon Gotch, and the Newplex World Champion Jads, and his partner JOPO will team with the ‘Terminator’ Kenny Omega to take on the Bullet Club in a 6-man tag team match.

Newplex Wrestling immediately kicks off in the backstage area, where Pete Dunne smashes Tyler Bate in the back of the head as Bate was arriving at the arena.

Dunne launches Bate into some equipment boxes, then into a door, but Bate begins to fight back and utilises a trash can as a physical equaliser. Both men exchange hard-hitting blows, and the brawl then makes its way into the locker room.


The fight gets extremely physical when Tyler Bate smashes Pete Dunne in the head with a steel chair, then powerbombs the Bullet Club ‘Bruiserweight’ through a table! The brawl finally comes to an end, when security members stop the fight from continuing, and Bate leaves the locker room, and Dunne lying in a pile of wood.

The episode eventually makes its way to the ring, ahead of the Newplex RISE Championship match. Both men make their way to the ring, EC3 receives a welcoming ovation from the crowd who sing along to his theme song “TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE”, yet the RISE champion King Baz enters to a chorus of boos.

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The match is 50/50, with both men exchanging strong knee strikes to one another. However, King Baz reverses EC3’s attempted TK3, and tries to hit his finishing move, but EC3 backdrops King Baz to the outside.

King Baz makes his way to his feet, and goes to get back in the ring, but Chris Jericho’s music hits! King Baz and Chris Jericho charge towards one another, but Jericho delivers the ‘Codebreaker’, and locks King Baz in the ‘Walls of Jericho’!

The referee rings the bell, and disqualifies EC3, therefore King Baz is announced as the winner, and still the Newplex RISE Champion. EC3 looks on in disgust. Jericho enters the ring to seemingly apologise for the interference, but EC3 clobbers Jericho with a huge clothesline, then delivers the ‘TK3’.

EC3 remains the last man standing in the ring, but looks furious after not gaining the RISE Championship. All the wrestlers leave the ringside area ahead of the next one-on-one match between the ‘Technical Assassin’ Tryda and the debuting Simon Gotch.

Both men make their entrances to the ring, but before the referee can ring the bell the ‘Technical Assassin’ Tryda charges at Gotch and smashes Gotch in the chest with a flying dropkick. Tryda then drops Gotch on his neck, and locks Gotch in a ‘Texas Cloverleaf’ submission hold. Gotch taps out immediately, yet Tryda does not release the hold straight away, and continues to punish Gotch.

Tryda eventually lets go, but the arena lights go dark. With the lights out, the hooded figure who refers to himself as the ‘Chosen One’ appears in the ring and hits Gotch in the chest with a hard lariat.

The hooded figure and Tryda lock eyes with one another, and nod. The hooded figure places Gotch in a backbreaker position, and Tryda flies off the top turnbuckle, and crashes into the chest of Gotch with a double foot stomp. Tryda, and the hooded figure shake hands, and stand tall in the ring.

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The arena lights go dark once again, and when the bright lights come back on, the new alliance of Tryda and the hooded figure are nowhere to be seen. Gotch leaves the ring following the attack ahead of the 6-man tag team main event.

The ‘Punisher’ JOPO and the Newplex World Champion Jads enter together first, wearing matching red and gold attires. The ‘Terminator’ Kenny Omega enters second, but does not encounter his teammates in the ring, and stands outside the ring alone. Bullet Club enter last together, and arrogantly stroll towards the ring. Pete Dunne hold his ribs following his fight earlier in the night with Tyler Bate.

Before the bell rings, Omega tells Jads and JOPO that he will be starting the match in the ring because this is “his fight”.

However, this tactic by Omega backfires. Omega starts off all guns blazing against the individual Bullet Club members who consistently tag in, and out. But, the Bullet Club regain offense. Omega is caught with a springboard dropkick from Cody, but still refuses to tag in his partners. Jads and JOPO’s frustrations grow, as they realise Omega does not want their help. Cody then springs off the ropes, and clatters Omega in the face with a ‘beautiful disaster’, followed by a ‘Cross Rhodes’, and Cody pins Omega…1, 2, 3!

Bullet Club celebrate their victory and leave the ringside area. Omega eventually makes his way to his feet, and begins to walk up the ramp… But, Jads grabs a microphone.

Newplex Wrestling ends with Kenny Omega accepting Jads’ challenge to fight next week! Will the interim GM Scott Hall sign the Omega vs Jads match for next week? Will the new alliance of Tryda, and the hooded figure strike again? Find out next week on Newplex Wrestling.

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