Newplex Wrestling #12

The Lone Warrior

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15th October 2017

On the previous edition of Newplex Wrestling, the ‘Iron Bulldog’ Davey Boy Jr called out the United Kingdom champion Tyler Bate. The ‘Demi-God’ King Baz rose to greatness when he defeated ‘Lion-heart’ Chris Jericho to become the Newplex RISE champion. Kenny Omega seemed outnumbered by his former Bullet Club brothers, however he was aided by the unlikely alliance of the ‘Punisher’ JOPO, and the Newplex World Champion Jads!

On this edition of Newplex Wrestling, Tyler Bate will defend his United Kingdom championship against the ‘Iron Bulldog’ Davey Boy Jr, Scott Hall will make an announcement regarding the absence of the General Manager Kurt Angle, King Baz will publicly celebrate his RISE championship victory, and in a rematch from the 3rd episode of Newplex Wrestling, rivals Jads & Cody Rhodes will go head-to-head in a non-title match.

The episode kicks off with the new RISE champion King Baz making his way to the ring for his RISE championship celebration.

Before King Baz can finish his celebratory speech, the arrogant RISE champion is interrupted by the ‘Ass Kicking Machine’ EC3.

The ‘Demi-God’ goes crazy when hearing he must defend his RISE championship against EC3 on the next edition of Newplex Wrestling, as he paces around the ringside area complaining, before an official finally escorts him to the backstage area.

Once King Baz leaves the stage, the ring announcer announces the upcoming contest which is for the United Kingdom Championship. Both Tyler Bate, and the ‘Iron Bulldog’ Davey Boy Jr make their way to the ring, and stare across the ring at one another before the bell rings.

Both man square up, and the title match begins.

Davey Boy Jr dominates the majority of the match, as his combination of strength and power is too much for Tyler Bate to handle. However, Bate reverses Davey Boy’s attempted running powerslam, and powers Davey Boy up onto his shoulders, and delivers an airplane spin.

Davey Boy Jr stumbles around the ring following Bate’s unique offense, and Bate delivers a huge ‘Tyler Driver 97’, and pins Davey Boy Jr to retain his UK Championship.

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Tyler Bate celebrates his championship victory, however, the Bullet Club ‘Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne storms the ring and cheap shots the United Kingdom champion!

Dunne delivers the ‘Bitter End’ finishing manoeuvre to Bate, driving the skull of the champion into the ring mat. Dunne picks up the United Kingdom Championship, stands on the turnbuckle, and raises the championship high above his head.

Moments later, backstage reporter of Newplex Wrestling Scott Hall makes his way to the ring to make an announcement regarding the health of the General Manager Mr Kurt Angle.

Hall leaves the ring, ahead of the next contest which is a one-on-one match between Tyson Kidd and the ‘Technical Assassin’, Tryda!

Both men make their entrances to the ring, and both receive very good reactions from the crowd in the arena, as the fans realise they are likely to witness a very technical wrestling match between the two fighters.

Both men perform a series of high-octane manoeuvres, and the match is very even throughout. However, Kidd’s attempted springboard cross body is countered sharply, as Tryda drop kicks the knee of Kidd who is mid-flight. The ‘Technical Assassin’ capitalises on this immediately, delivering multiple lower body strikes to Kidd. Tryda takes advantage of the weakened knee, and locks in a brutal looking submission, and Kidd taps out! Tryda is announced as the winner via submission.

Though, as Tryda celebrates his win, the arena lights go dark. When they come back on the hooded figure – who has previously identified himself as the ‘Chosen One’ – appears on the ring apron.


Tryda doesn’t finish his sentence, and walks away up the ramp. The hooded figure looks on, before the arena lights go dark again, and the hooded figure disappears from the ring.

The camera cuts to the backstage area, where the new alliance of the ‘Punisher’ JOPO and Jads are interviewed.

JOPO and Jads leave the backstage area as the World Champion Jads makes his way to the stage ahead of his non-title match with the ‘American Nightmare’ Cody.

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Both men make their way to the ring, and as soon as the bell rings the two rivals jump straight into action.

Both put on an even offensive display throughout the match. However, Cody Rhodes takes things to a new level, delivering a suicide dive over the top rope to Jads. Cody rolls Jads back into the ring, and delivers a ‘beautiful disaster’ kick. He then picks Jads up to his feet, and attempts another beautiful ‘disaster’ but Jads ducks underneath. Cody turns around, and his hit with a huge ‘Starstruck’ by the world champion. Jads covers Cody, and pins the ‘American Nightmare’ to win the match.

Before Jads can celebrate his win, the rest of the Bullet Club make their way to the ring.

Jads is distracted by the entrance of the Bullet Club, allowing Cody to hit another ‘Beautiful Disaster’ on him. Jads’ team mate JOPO rushes to the ring to aid his partner, and takes out Dunne with a springboard clothesline but is quickly stopped by a superkick from Adam Cole.

Members of the Bullet Club stand tall in the ring…

Until the ‘Terminator’ Kenny Omega sprints towards the ring from the backstage area. The sight of Omega forces Cody to escape through the crowd, however Dunne and Cole are both met with strong right hooks, and ‘V Triggers’ which forces them to follow Cody through the crowd in retreat.

Omega, Jads, and JOPO stand tall in the ring for a second week in a row, however similar to last week Omega squares up to the team of Jads and JOPO again.

Omega’s words leave Jads, and JOPO confused as the third episode ends with tensions rising between the Bullet Club, Omega, and the team of Jads, and JOPO.

How will the Bullet Club react to being manhandled by Jads, JOPO, and Omega again? Will Tyler Bate seek revenge against Pete Dunne after his cowardly attack? And will EC3 become the new RISE champion when he takes on the ‘Demi-God’ King Baz for the Newplex RISE Championship?

Find out next time on Newplex Wrestling.

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