Newplex Wrestling #11

Demigod rising!

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4th September 2017

On the previous edition of Newplex wrestling, ‘Lion-Heart’ Chris Jericho made history when he became the inaugural Newplex RISE champion, Bullet Club assaulted their former leader Kenny Omega, Tryda gained revenge against his rival Alberto Del Rio in a street fight – unleashing a dark side he has not shown ever before, and Newplex World Champion Jads was the victim of an attack by the menacing masked man known as Deathstrike.

On this edition of Newplex Wrestling, Kenny Omega will take on the ‘American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes, and the ‘Demi-God’ will receive an opportunity to take Chris Jericho’s newly won RISE championship away from him.

Unexpectedly, the episode kicks off with the son of the British Bulldog, the ‘Iron Bulldog’ Davey Boy Jr making his way to the ring.


Tyler Bate’s music hits, and the UK champion promptly makes his way to the ring. Davey Boy Jr charges towards Bate near the ramp, but Bate smashes Davey Boy Jr in the head with his UK championship belt, and stands tall in the Newplex ring.

Moments later, the commentators reveal that Bate will defends his UK Championship against Davey Boy Jr on the next episode of Newplex Wrestling.

Davey Boy Jr, and Tyler Bate both clear the ring ahead of the next contest. King Baz looks to dethrone the Chris Jericho’s 1 week reign as the Newplex RISE champion. King Baz enters to a chorus of “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE” chants, but Chris Jericho receives a loud ovation from the Newplex crowd. Jericho also enters wearing his classic ‘Lion Heart’ vest.

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Jericho out-wrestles King Baz from the get-go, and tries to lock in the lion tamer submission numerous times, but King Baz manages to escape the hold each time. However, as the match goes on the tide changes. King Baz manages to sidestep Jericho’s attempted suicide dive at the very last second, and Jericho crashes hard into the barricade. King Baz takes advantage immediately, delivering a piledriver outside of the ring. King Baz rolls the lifeless body of Jericho back in the ring, and delivers his ‘Immortal Destruction’ finisher, pinning Jericho… 1… 2… 3.

King Baz yanks the championship out of the referee’s hand, and raises the championship high above his head, as he is announced as the “newwwww RISE champion!” King Baz remains unpinned, and unsubmitted, and in his third appearance he is crowned Newplex RISE champion.

Jericho is helped to the back, but King Baz continues to celebrate on the stage prior to the next match.

Cody Rhodes enters first ahead of his match with Kenny Omega, however Omega smashes Cody in the back with a baseball bat before Cody can make it into the ring, and both men brawl to the ringside area. The match between the two doesn’t even start, as the two men just fight throughout the ringside area, with Omega dominating the battle. While the match does not begin, Omega lays Cody out in the ring after delivering his ‘1-winged angel’ finishing move.

It’s at this point, the other members of Bullet Club storm to the ring to take on Omega. However, Cole, and Dunne are cut off by the unlikely duo of the ‘Punisher’ JOPO, and the Newplex world champion Jads!

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JOPO delivers a ‘Super Saiyan Side Kick’ to Cole, and Jads delivers the ‘Starstuck’ finisher to Pete Dunne. Cody, Dunne, and Cole retreat up the ramp as the trio of Omega, JOPO, and the Newplex world champion Jads stand tall in the ring.

However, Omega squares up to the duo of Jads, and JOPO and tells them…” I didn’t need your help” before leaving the ring.

Next week: More about the faction known as ‘CARNAGE’ will be revealed. King Baz will hold his RISE Championship celebration ceremony. Tyler Bate will defend his UK title against Davey Boy Jr, and Cody Rhodes will take on Jads in a non-title match!

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