Fresh Music Friday! #8

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Charles W-W
We Want the Funk

Published 29th September 2017

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Yep, I want the funk and I know you do to! So, why not funk off to a playlist named after a lyric rapped by one of the biggest funk masters around right now? Kendrick Lamar AKA Kung-Fu Kenny, AKA King Kendrick, AKA K-Dot!

Let me come up with a scenario real quick – you get home from work, you need a shower and you need to make some dinner before you head out and throw some funk all over the dance floors of whatever location you and the soul train gang land at. What you’re going to do, right, is this: as soon as you step through the door and drop your briefcase full of earth-shatteringly important documents, you put your device on the speaker and you turn this playlist on full blast, forget the neighbours!

In around one hour and twenty-one minutes, you’ll be revitalised and ready to throw on your afro and platform shoes!

Like I said above this playlist is inspired by Kendrick, so of course I’ve got four of his funkiest hits on the playlist. If like me you’re a Kendrick fan then you might recognise two artists on this playlist, Rapsody and Thunder Cat. Rapsody just came out with an album, Laila’s Wisdom, that clearly take’s inspiration from Kendrick’s TPAB so I had to include two of my favourite songs from the album (I highly recommend you check out her new album). Thunder Cat, not much to say other than he helped Kendrick with producing a few of his grooviest songs!

As an Easter egg I had to include Earth, Wind and Fire’s September for obvious reasons other than it’s one of the best songs ever. I also had to include James Brown in this playlist – the grand master of funk of funk himself. I bet he’s up in heaven right now dancing his ass off!

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With all that out of the way, I hope you channel your inner funk and hit the dancefloors right, respect yourself! If you liked the playlist give us a like and a share, I’m open to hearing new music so please feel free to send me recommendation on Twitter @charliewarnerw. If you didn’t like this playlist then I hope you spill beer down your top before you even finish pre-drinks!

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