Fresh Music Friday! #4

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Conor Bailey
Defiance, Focus, Resilience

Published 1st September 2017

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Another week is in the books. Well done to you for getting through it. No matter what you do for a living, where you’re from or who you are, you have successfully continued to work hard and be determined to carry on.

When you think of determination a whole plethora of words also come out – defiance, focus, resilience, these are things we have to be, big or small, in our work, studies or personal life.

So when you think of such emotions, to sound awfully cliché, you need a soundtrack to go with it, and nothing says a willingness to fight than some alternative, punk rock and ska music.

Whether it be to get you through the day, a de-stresser or a way to say “No thank you please” to the times of tedium, this kind of music can provide a nice counter to the sometimes carbon copy songs of the pop industry.

For me, punk rock and ska have been a way for me to express my tastes, and give me a bounce to my day – ska in particular.

Nothing beats an overcast or drizzly day with the sound of trumpets or saxophones bopping through your headphones.

This playlist includes the more notable ska bands from different eras and regions – from Madness and The Toasters to Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, I’ve tried to include as many variants of the genre in this as possible, to give a delectable range of ska-music goodness.

Not solely restricted to ska – alternative rock balances the skacentric playlists with some nice “go against the system”, guitar stringing tunes, ranging from punk to more guilty pleasure pop-like compositions.

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And obviously, this wouldn’t be a Newplex article without some form of wrestling reference!

I’ve made sure to include some awesometacular themes from the WWE that even on their own, make you want to keep your chin and battle on through the day.

Of course there will be a few surprise songs along the way.

Hopefully, you will get some enjoyment out of this playlist – as long as there is at least one song you go “Aw, yeah” to then we’ll count that as a victory.

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