Fresh Music Friday! #3

By Editor
The Victory Mix

Published 25th August 2017

By , Editor

Breathe it in, kids. Friday is here. Another week done, and you absolutely smashed it.

Sure, you didn’t quite finish that work you meant to get done. Sure, you skipped the gym more than you went. Sure, you haven’t had a shower in days.

But none of that matters now. Friday is here, and you have successfully fooled everyone around you into thinking you’re a competent adult for another week. Congratulations!

So, as these last few hours of the working day roll on, stick in your earphones and get AMPED for the moment you storm out those doors with Jads’ Victory Mix!

It might seem like an eclectic mix of tracks, but I assure you I did put some thought into it.

I am a massive fan of film scores. I think an excellent soundtrack can save a terrible film. Those big, rousing sounds timing those iconic cinema moments stick in my head like nothing else. I live my life with a made up soundtrack scoring my every move.

That was the starting point for this playlist. I’ve tried to find those songs in my library that make you go “f**k yeah!” as you strut out of your office and into the weekend, but do so with a cinematic flair. The first track, Courtesy Call, does just that. It’s a big rock song for you to nod your head to, underscored with some orchestral drama and suspense. Indeed I’ve also carefully intermixed some of my favourite film score tracks from recent years in this playlist.

I hope you enjoy this playlist – do let me know what you think. The ordering of the tracks is quite significant in this playlist, perhaps more so than some of the individual tracks themselves. So to really get the most out of this list, you should play it in order.

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Have a great Friday, folks!

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