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Disney's bid to buy out 20th Century Fox isn't over yet - what would happen if it goes through?
20th Century Fox

Published 14th November 2017

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It has been reported that multibillion dollar media conglomerate Disney is still in talks to buy classic film studio 20th Century Fox. According to reports, Fox doubts that it could compete against huge media moguls like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Apple, so what they’re looking for an angel to sweep them off their feet and take ownership of its film and TV properties.

If this deal was to go through – which I think it ultimately will – then this would mean that the now Disney-owned Lucasfilm would regain full distribution rights to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (which Fox owns in perpetuity), and the X-Men and Fantastic Four could be seen on screen together with the likes of Captain America or Black Panther. Remember my previous article about film adaptations? Well looks like a WWII Captain America and Wolverine collaboration to punch Nazis may be a possibility if this deal is made!

All we need now is Sony to sign the Spiderman rights back to Marvel and Universal to follow suit with the Hulk – after that I’m sure Stan Lee will let out a grin at the thought of all his children are under the Marvel banner again.

One property Fox owns that I’d like to see Disney/Marvel have a shot at is the Fantastic Four franchise. I think the latest rendition tried to be a bit too dark and different from the core values of the F4 family, but if Marvel made a film (with a helping of Disney magic) then I reckon we’ll have the hit we’ve all been waiting for; a film about four friends that get turned into monsters and they stop a baddie, becoming as close as a family along the way. That easy!

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There are still some other properties that this deal could have an effect on, let us not forget the ‘merc with the mouth,’ Deadpool. Yes, Deadpool is a stand out property in this situation as he’ll need a careful review following the deal – a rated R/18 hero not necessarily compatible with the MCU’s PG-13/12 target rating (Netflix-averse aside). See the problem? Even Ryan Reynolds put out a tweet expressing some concern.

If I was an executive at Marvel/Disney, I would use Deadpool as a platform to bring out other R rated characters like Blade, but the safer route that Marvel/Disney will probably end up taking will see the likes of Deadpool kept to the side, hanging out with smaller, unwanted characters.

You may not believe it, but this deal isn’t all about the superhero properties. There are still some other marquee franchises that Fox has under its belt that Disney will have to assume control of – Planet of the Apes, Alien, Avatar, and many more, for instance. All properties that, if Disney wanted, could go ahead and make more sequels.

While all these lucrative IPs might seem attractive to a potential buyer, the downside comes in the form of the huge cost. To produce all these new films would require huge spending and a logistical overhaul to house all these new properties. Not all of these franchises are as family friendly as Disney would like, so to continually make money off them and retain their fan bases, they will have to be kept at arms-length. Disney can’t have everyone favourite mouse directly associated with aliens bursting out of people’s chests…

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Here’s some more insight for you, readers – we should watch out for Disney. It seems as though it’s their hobby to just buy out expensive properties. Although they usually just leave their purchases to flourish with what it seems like little or next to no micro-managing, I wouldn’t be shocked if they plan an assault on the world to turn every country’s monument into a Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

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