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Benny Mack
It looks like we're getting that campaign mode!

Published 16th April 2017

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Well it’s Star Wars Celebration and here at the Newplex we’re talking all things Star Wars. While the anticipation for the new movies is positively brimming, it’s also a great time for us gamers.

Rumours were flying around that at Star Wars Celebration we would see not only an Episode 8 trailer, but also the reveal of the next installment of EA’s Battlefront franchise.

Hopes were high for the relaunch of the Battlefront series in 2015, but unfortunately I feel like the game didn’t quite live up to the hype. It often just felt like a Battlefield re-skin, and it was criticised for a lack of any sort of story mode.

While it was never branded as a Mass Effect style RPG, there is certainly room in the Star Wars video game space to explore the lore and delve into the universe a little deeper – like we did with Knights of the Old Republic.

The original Battlefront, now considered a classic, came out for PS2, Xbox, PC, and Mac back in 2004, coinciding with the release of the original trilogy on DVD.

Battlefront focuses on four battling factions from both the original and prequel trilogies; the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) from the prequel era, and the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire from the original trilogy. In each faction, five different classes of character become available.

Reliving the iconic battles from Hoth to the Deathstar Run was pretty dam cool for any fan. It may not have been the first time these scenes were recreated in video game form, but it was arguably the coolest.

But with the new consoles and advances in the gaming industry – along with new films and extended universe material – there is a possibility to expand the franchise and create new, exciting moments in the Battlefront series.

Today’s video games can go further than just reflect classic moments – they can create new ones of their own.

That wasn’t the vision for the multiplayer based action-shooter we got in 2015, but a new game means new possibilities.

What do we know so far?

Battlefront 2 is due out this winter and it will roughly coincide with the release of Star Wars Episode 8. As elements of Rouge One: A Star Wars Story were incorporated as DLC in the current Battlefront, it’s fair to assume the new game will incorporate characters and elements from the new trilogy. So it’s entirely possible we could see Finn, Rey and possibly even BB-8 showing up.

We should also expect upgraded weapons and vehicles. I would like to see, for example, a place to grab a ship rather than trying to run and grab a ship power up.

The main thing I’m looking for is a meaningful campaign this time, not just wave after wave battles. If I could have any game I wanted, I think some sort of blend between Mass Effect’s storytelling and Battlefield 1’s FPS gameplay could be epic.

This new Battlefront has the potential be a vast improvement on the last one, which laid a decent visual groundwork, at least. All we can do is hope…

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