New Year, New Newplex

New Year, New Newplex

| 1st January 2018 |

> 2018 is going to be a lot of fun

At this time of year, people naturally find themselves reflecting on their lives and considering some resolutions to better themselves for the blank canvas of a year before them. You might think it cliché, but it’s a perfectly healthy thing to do; to evaluate areas of improvement but also to take stock of recent successes.

I’m no different. After a pretty good year, I find myself thinking on new goals for 2018. Aside from a few personal items – losing a few (ok, more than a few) pounds, taking up a new hobby, trying to be more fun – my own goals and those of The Newplex are inextricably linked.

A year later

This time last year I posted the first ever article to The Newplex. It was a blog aptly titled ‘Welcome to the Newplex’ in which I did a terrible job of explaining what the site was about, and what the plan was for our first few months of life.

Exactly a year on, and I’m thrilled to say we’ve managed to exceed a lot of those early aspirations. Over 130 published articles and a million (?!!) hits later, The Newplex has managed a steady rise from one dude who got bored on his Christmas break, to a small team of passionate, dedicated cats each committed to making The Newplex the best it can be.

We’ve spent the year developing our own styles, understanding the business of new media, and pouring ideas into a big collective pot of creative goodness (that sounded grosser than I wanted). Which all means we could not be in a stronger position to start 2018 – and I cannot wait to get started.

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Early ambitions

I said last year that it was my dream for The Newplex to become a thriving producer of new media; and we are on our way to achieving that. As a team, we’ve already planned podcasts, features, and even recorded our first feature video. In the last few months, we’ve developed a fresh new look and a strong new brand for our team and followers to get behind.

And while our production gets even stronger in 2018, so too will our content. We’ve crunched the numbers and seen what has and has not worked in our first year. We’re going to be doing more features, more blogs, more instructional, and more insightful content.

Through our commitment to integrity and honesty, we’ll look to build relationships with the kind of people you want to hear from. Wrestlers, wrestling promotions, film studios, writers, actors, artists, producers, brands, content-creators – we’ll aim to bring you the stories, collaborations, and features that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a tall order, but dream big – am I right?

The team

I’ve already expressed my heartfelt thanks to The Newplex team in my Christmas blog, but it’s not something that can be said too much. I couldn’t have brought this project to the strong ground that it’s on today on my own. I imagine the last few months behind the scenes have been frustrating for them – I’ve not been able to turn around their work for publication as quickly as it deserves, and my techy work on our new website has taken a lot longer than expected. It is down to our shared vision for what The Newplex can do, however, that they have stuck around and continued to produce quality work. And I think that is awesome.

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Putting the team front and centre is going to be a priority in 2018. You’ve seen our work, now I’d love for you to be able to see the cool folk behind it. I have plans (*laughs maniacally*) on how to do that – but rest assured you will be seeing more of these beautiful faces this year.

Thank you!

With all that being said, here ends our first year on The Newplex.

Thank you to my lovely friends who continue to read, retweet, like, and otherwise engage with content they have absolutely no interest in. It is very much appreciated – as is their understanding that upon learning that the pub had pushed tables aside to allow room for dancing, I got scared and just wanted to stay home and play Wolfenstein II on New Year’s Eve (note how I listed being more fun as one of my resolutions though…). Love ya, Pugs – sincerely.

Finally, thank you to anyone who has read, engaged with, or otherwise enjoyed anything on the site in 2017. I know The Newplex is only going to get stronger, so please do stick around to see how we evolve in 2018.

Best of luck to all of you with your own resolutions in 2018 – may we all have a prosperous and happy new year.